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Providing Housekeeping & Commercial Cleaning Services to customers throughout Key West, Marathon and all of the Lower Florida Keys. Contact us today to receive a quote and or to make your next appointment.

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What supplies are used during cleaning?

Karina Cleaning Services provides full service cleaning to residential and commercial customers, homes and vacation homes, rental properties throughout the Lower Keys, Marathon and Key West. We provide basic cleaning products and supplies. Vacuum, Papertowels, Window Cleaners, Bathroom and Kitchen Disinfectants and Cleanings, Scrubbers, Mop, Dusters, Microfiber Cloth, Floor Cleaning Solutions etc. Any additional items may need to be supplied by the customer. Please discuss this with Karina before we arrive to the home to ensure we are well equiped with what she will need to clean your space. You are welcome to supply her with your cleaning supplies in the event you prefer to use special cleaning solutions. Or for instance during a deep cleaning session; degreasers or oven cleaners may be needed. Please contact us to discuss. We are looking forward to assisting you!

What areas in the Florida Keys do you provide your services?

Karina Cleaning Services provides full service cleaning services to residential and commercial customers, homes and vacation homes, rental properties and vacation rental properties throughout the Lower Keys, Marathon and Key West.

How many years of experience?

Karina Cleaning Services owner and operator Karina Gallagos has had more than 5 years of experience. She has cleaned countless homes, businesses and vacation rental properties. She loved the idea of moving to the Florida Keys full time and has now lived in the Keys since 2021. 

How long is a cleaning session?

Cleaning sessions vary depending on multiple variables; it depends on the size of the property, on the severity of the condition of the property (just how dirty it is!) the type of cleaning being requested.

Cleaning sessions can range from 2hrs (with a helper) to 4 hrs to sometimes over 6hrs. It is best you allow Karina to survey the dirtiness of the property, property size and she will provide you with a quote!

We recommend once you have had your initial cleaning to request maintenance cleaning services to prevent the home or business from getting too dirty too soon.

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Customer Reviews

“Karina has been providing housekeeping services to my home for over a year now. I do not trust anyone else with the task. I went through a few other housekeepers from another business who either did not show up or did not clean well. But Karina changed all of that! Karina is dependable and communicates her schedule well and is flexible. With my busy schedule it has been difficut for me to find the time to stay organized and clean. Karina keeps our home in order and looking beautiful”

“We recently had to begin fostering our neice which added another person into our already tight space. Karina assisted with the deep clean and organization of our home and continues to provive routine maintenance cleanings every two weeks. She is wonderful! Thank you Karina”

Between my husband working as a first responder and having a second job it is usually he or I who is having to tidy the house up alone and that became hectic with a small child. Karina Cleaning Services cleans our indoor space and occassionally we hire her to assist with cleaning up our porch or organizing our linens and it has been so helpful! she is personable and kind and professional. Even with the language gap she finds a way to communicate 100% reliable.